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Shenyang Military Area Combined Service Force Engineering Installment Factory,which subordinates to Shenyang Military Area Combined Service Force . Our factory is an enterprise of army , which has A-class boiler production factory ratified by our state. Our factory has attained Level 2 qualification boiler installation modification and D1、D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing qualification. Our factory has obtained ISO9001 quality management system, employee health and safety management system and environmental management system certification. Our factory carries out the procedure management, controls from sales, design, supply, production, inspection to after-sales service of all aspects of the factory effectively, and ensures the product quality to increase year by year. We can provide users with the product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, boiler operation and maintenance and other services.
Our factory is located in Dongfeng county , Jilin Province, covering an area of 200000 square meters, which has a special railway line. Annual production capacity of our factory is 6000 tons of steam. Our factory can deal with heat treatment and nondestructive testing independently . Our factory has registered capital of RMB 110 million yuan, which has had no financing and loans so far, and has been rated "AAA" credit enterprise already.
  Our factory has 502 employees, 127 of whom have machinery, welding, material, or other professionals. There are 59 people who have high, or mid-level engineering and technical certificate, 5 people who have Master of Engineering . There are 9 people that have II level certified NDT, including 4 ray grade III, and 1ultrasonic level III.
  There are more than 700 sets main equipment of boiler manufacturing,  which include membrane wall production line, large coiling machine, tube bending machine, bidirectional double R pipe mill, tube small R extrusion machine, flat just fine machine, vertical lathe, 1300T hydraulic machine, heat treatment furnace annealing, waveform gall forming machine, inspection, weight, mechanical processing, and other advanced equipment. Therefore, we can not only ensure all the parts of the boiler are completed in the factory and but also control the production process all the time.
At present, our factory has developed and reserved nearly 200 specifications of industrial boilers and pressure, high pressure, high pressure boiler which use gas, coal, or biomass materials as fuel. Our main products range from 0.5 to 240T, which include DZ series, DH series, automatic fuel oil or gas series, membrane type wall angle pipe series, series of circulating fluidized bed steam and hot water boiler. Our factory and Xi'an Jiaotong University jointly developed membrane type wall angle pipe series boiler and series of circulating fluidized bed boiler, which are energy-saving, high efficiency, low emissions. Our factory has access to a number of national patents, and the performance indicators of our boilers reached the leading level of domestic similar products. Our factory and Harbin Industrial University jointly developed DZ series boiler that won the military scientific and technological second prize, the third prize of science and technology progress of the Ministry of labor. DZ series boiler is included in the new boiler product identification trial plan, which won the title of national new product. Registered "Junguang" trademark  was  rated  as  well-known  trademark of Jilin Province,
" Junguang " brand series of boiler products was rated as brand-name products in Jilin Province.
Shenyang Military Area Combined Service Force Engineering Installment Factory always adheres to the "quality as a fundamental, science and technology as leading" development philosophy, the " credit-based, customer first" is our eternal commitment to users.
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